There are things that I would like to see in the future for One would be to see it become a place where people would come together to help each other. To see it become a place to go and share information and support for those in need. It will be a place to air your feelings and get some support in facing your breast cancer. It will be a place to for people who have been through this treatment to share and help those who face this hard road. It will be a place to get help with the progressions of your treatment. I am starting a new blog on this site called “The Fuel Station” When things are buzzing in your head and you need to talk to someone stop at the fuel station to talk.
I remember many times being in an area I was not so familiar with. Many of those times I had guidance from others who were very familiar with the area. I guess it’s not that big of a deal when you are on a bike though. As long as you have a full tank of fuel you are never really lost, it gives you an opportunity to explore somewhere you have never seen before. People tend to take notice of you when you are on a bike traveling. For example, when you pull into a fuel station and several people see your bike packed with gear and approach you. Hi, how’s the ride? Where you headed? Nice bike, I wish I was riding today! Be careful there’s a storm coming! Watch your speed going through such and such, you should really check out this road if you’ve never been on it. That’s just a few examples of the things you hear on a road trip. Everyone inquires and wants to share some details about their last trip or just want to hear about yours. Usually people are more than happy to help at the fuel station.
Facing any disease like breast cancer or any type of cancer is overwhelming to anyone and their loved ones. Waiting to hear the results of a biopsy and praying for good news. I don’t believe there is much worse in life than hearing the words you have cancer. Worse yet is to hear a loved one or anyone for that matter to repeat those words. I am the only one left out of three siblings. My sister did not die from her pancreatic cancer; it was 5 years after she had the tail of her pancreas removed. She was admitted into the hospital with phenomena, a mistake was made in the hospital, and she received a double dose of insulin by accident. Doing so caused her to become brain dead and was then placed on life support. Through much thought,discussion and emotional torment our family had to make a difficult decision. It was determined that there was no chance of recovery for her. The decision was made to pull life support. She was 54 years old. Ironically my brother died of Leukemia at the same age of 54. It was true a heartache to see my big brother fade. He was a football and wrestling star in high school. He was a proud and strong man and Vietnam vet. It was hard to watch him run through the course of his illness. When he passed I promised my parents they would not have to burry all of their children.
I am close to a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a childhood friend I bumped into after 30 years. After a year or so of our reunited friendship she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She confided in me with her thoughts and feelings. It was gut wrenching to hear some of the things she had said and the muttered thoughts in her head. I imagine her thoughts are not much different anyone else’s would be. I did my best not let her dwell in the negative. She said she had decided not to go for treatment and she had already lived a full life. I had done some research on breast cancer and consulted a friend who’s wife had just had her 2nd chemo treatment. I introduced them and had the two spend some time together. She finally thought better of it and followed through with her treatment. She had a lumpectomy, finished her treatment and is doing well today.

The fuel station is where it’s at, when you need a boost of energy and some strength to deal with your daily troubles. Stop in at the fuel station.