The Birth of Free-The-Twins

In 2005 I was riding through Wisconsin with a group of friends. We had been riding all day and it was time to get a bite to eat. It was just nightfall when we found a bar\marina to pull into. There were several bikes in the parking lot and boaters coming in off the water as well.

I can tell you that a bunch of bikini tops and beautiful woman with deep sun tans tend to draw a lot of attention. We were sitting in the bar in a high traffic area next to a group of boaters. There was one man and five women sitting a table next to us, it wasn’t long before flirtatious banter was being exchanged. It was absolutely hilarious for both parties, we were all laughing and having fun. One of the woman had mentioned that she would rather boat than ride on a bike because it had twin screws. It is possible that it had been a miscalculation on her part to bring up the subject of twins. Especially when sitting in a group of very good looking women in bikini tops. So without hesitation twins is now the focal point of the conversation. “Well we like Harleys because they have twin cylinders” I heard someone say. It went south and sideways from there, When I heard free the twins baby! The energy changed in an instant. One of the women was instantly aggravated and was now on the attack. Although I heard every word that was spoken and don’t believe we crossed the line with our banter.

The woman exclaimed all you guys with your Harleys only care about breasts butts and bikes. I re-worded that for your reading enjoyment. She went on to tell us about how she just lost her mother to breast cancer and how her mother went through it on her own. Her stepfather started cheating on her mom because he wasn’t getting sex. He was never home and always out on the prowl. I could see the pain on her face, we had unintentionally touched a nerve. We tried to calm the situation down with little success, we made our apologies payed the bill and left.

Nothing like a nice ride to clear your head. Deep in my mind I was knocked off balance and it was picking away at me. I reviewed every word spoken in my mind during the eighty mile trip home. I know that perception is everything, it really does not matter what is said as much as how it is received. I had to rewind again and again trying find the truth in what had just happened. We were all having fun! What the heck just happened! Those women were enjoying and participating in the banter as much as we were. Obviously her story is a heart-wrenching mess, but why take it out on group of guys you were just flirting with? The conversation would never have gone there if it wasn’t well received.

So I know there is some truths to what she had said. I have to admit that there is nothing as strong as the energy around sexuality. I can’t say I haven’t walked into something because of a quick double-take glance at a gorgeous woman. I know that it was not “FREE THE TWINS” that set things off. I remember seeing a much more aggressive approach at a few Indy 500″s. Hhhhhhmmmmm, Bikes Breasts and butts Ow! Right on!!! I have instantly become shallow because I love to ride motorcycles and like women. How do you correct that energy! So I would have to imagine that the story told by that woman is not the only one like it. It bothered me because I started to see her point not at the extreme she did but there is truth there. I could not comprehend bailing out on someone you love because they have a potentially life threatening illness. I had to get this thought out of my head.

If it is most Men’s nature to chase women, It should also be his obligation to take good care of the things he loves. I started to think of the conversation at the bar. Free the Twins, hmmm, I could turn this into something that would help women with breast cancer. Take that conversation and do something great with it! That’s how free the twins was born.