Hi My name is Tony Kulm, let me start out by saying I am 150% gear head, if it burns fuel and blows your hair back I’ve had one or two of them. I also built many of my cars and bikes. Despite the opinions and advise of people who have mentored my growth in mechanics, I have always done things my own way and many times it was against all the advise I was given.
Through the years I have found that I love motorcycles most of all. I like to travel, there is nothing like hopping on a bike and ride for days on end. Every time I have done so there has been a new story or two to tell when I got back. I also have met some amazing people in my travels, people who I did not know but they had treated me like a family member or long lost friend. It is this feeling of brotherhood or family that is often extended when you are out somewhere and run into another biker.

I find it a little amuzing when you hear people who have no idea about biker culture talk about bikers. I guess we are all “Sons of Anarchy” types because we gather in groups and ride together. There is good and bad in all walks of life. In my opinion of all the different enthusiast groups you can think of, none of them do as much for charity as bikers do. I don’t believe I have ever seen 3500 porsches driving down the road to support “Toys for Tots” or “The Ride for Kids” just to name a few. Both of these and a long list of others get huge support from the biker community.

There are many things we all have to face in our lives, things that can’t be avoided. life is full of ups and downs for most people. I am no different, it’s amazing that I am here today writing this as a matter of fact. At the age of 24 I nearly died from a bacterial infection in the lining of my heart. I am no stranger to the heartaches that are common to us all. I am the last survivor of three siblings. My sister Robin died from complications of pancreatic cancer at the age of 54. My brother Ray died of lukemia at the same age of 54. It was heart wrenching to watch them suffer through the course of thier illness. In the last year I have also had the experience of watching two close friends go through treatment for their breast cancer.

Throughout my life I have always been drawn to spirituality. I have found that there are more lessons to be learned than there is time in your entire life to complete. I grew up in a martial arts family where I not only learned to defend myself, I learned a way of life. I have spent time with native American elders (Ceremonial men) learning the spiritual side of native American culture. I can tell you it was a humbling experience. I have also done some study in Asian arts such as Tai Chi and Qigong. What I have found is that many of these non-traditional spiritual teachings speak of energy. ENERGY IS EVERYTHING! If you put out good energy good things will happen.

So where does this all bring us? It brings us to the the birth of FREE-THE-TWINS