Free The Twins

Free the twins is an obvious play on words for those who are motorcycle savvy. I am sure it will lift an eyebrow or two as intended. In the motorcycle world the term V-twin refers to a type of engine made famous by Harley Davidson motorcycles. The term twins has also been used to refer to a woman’s breasts or a man’s testicles. I have had a lot of feed back from many people about the phrase, I guess it’s just about how you look at it. There are many people that smile when they get what it is about and there are a few who frown. I am sure that it bothers them because the term “Free the Twins” is associated with trying to get a woman to lift her shirt.
I find it odd how you see all kinds of slogans on t-shirts and other products that are sold to support breast cancer research. “Save the Rack”,“Squeeze a Boob Save a Life”,“Save The Ta-Ta’s”, “Save Second Base” and “I love Boobies” etc. It’s a way to draw attention, A gimmick to raise money for breast cancer research. I’m sure all of these are meant to be a good hearted way to raise some money. But me, I have a bigger vision in mind.
The motorcycle community is known for getting together and supporting all kinds of charities and benefits. Two of the largest charity rides I can think of off the top of my head are “Toys For Tots” and “The Ride for kids”. These two chaity rides are not the only ones you can find that are running nation wide but they are among the biggest and most famous. They typically raise millions of dollars across the United States. Free-the-Twins.com will stand among them some day. Free-The-Twins is not going to be just a catchy phrase on a T-Shirt to draw attention. It has purpose, It will bring our community together and show fellowship for all. This phrase states what it’s purpose is and it will be the biker community once again that steps up to the plate and makes things happen. We are the people who stick together when all hands are down and see each other through a hard time when needed.
The dual meaning of the phrase “Free-The-Twins” is about helping to support breast cancer research and to provide a place for women with breast cancer to share and help each other with advice and experience. It is also a place for motorcycle enthusiasts to share cool places to ride, places to stay, places to eat, sites to see and to plan cross country trips. A place to hear the latest events in places all over the country. Come join us on our quest will only take a little of your time.